Account Opening Resolution


The first board resolution after incorporation of company or LLP is usually held for opening a bank account the company or LLP needs certain authorised members to open and manage the Bank Account. For this a Resolution should be passed in the board meeting. Being a separate legal entity from the company, it requires the resolution to open a bank account. To open bank accounts in different banks, the resolution should be made separately.


Opening a bank account for the Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Company, Section 8 Company/One Person Company/Foreign Companies the resolution can be used. After the resolution is prepared, it can be submitted to the bank which is printed on the letterhead of the institution and signed by the Directors.


This should be printed on the letterhead of institution, signed by 2 or more Directors with quorum at a board meeting.
For the One Person Company, the resolution can be signed by the only Director and the Shareholders.
For opening and operating the bank account, one or more Directors/Employee/Officer can be proposed by the Board of Directors.

Download Account Opening Resolution Format

You can also download the offer letter format in the following formats.

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