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Master service Agreement

Master service agreement is a framework agreement between two parties that provides terms and govern all their coming transactions and agreements. It includes information related to particular terms like payment product, warranties, intellectual property ownership dispute resolution and more.

Purpose of having MSA.

1. allocation of risk.

The MSA gives a reality check by permitting the business to implement a strategy of risk allocation. The Contract includes the terms to be required by the contractors and employees.

2. Indemnification

Indemnification is a contract or agreement where any party assure to provide the security for the another parties loss. It is responsible for paying any damages happened to the other party.

Essentials of MSA.

This contract gives you a backbone for any other coming transactions and agreement because of the legal oversight included while drafting. Therefore, it can help you to increase efficiency of your business. sometimes necessary for an MSA are; proprietary rights, terms of agreement, intellectual property rights, taxes and insurance, termination of the agreement, limitation of the liabilities and more.

Recent Updates

Privacy of Citizens is Topmost Priority: Kerala Govt. to High Court

22-APR-2020: The Kerala Govt. has informed the Kerala High Court about steps taken by them to ensure the privacy of citizen-centric data during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Govt said that necessary provisions have been incorporated in the Master Service Agreement with Sprinkler, the US-based tech firm, to ensure the same.

IT Suppliers are Requesting Clients to Relax Master Service Agreements (MSAs)

15-Apr-2020: A recent report in Computer Weekly has mentioned that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected many new deals and contract renewals across the Indian IT industry. Hence, IT suppliers have asked their clients to relax MSAs and SLAs to enable remote service delivery extensively.

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