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Add a Director having DSC to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DIN application.

All inclusive price

Add a Director to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DSC and one DIN.

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Appending of a Director.

Director of the company is an individual selected by the shareholders of managing the deals of the company as per the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) of the company. Appending of directors is needed for a company in sequence on the requirements of the business shareholders.

For appending a director, the individual suggested to become a director should acquire a digital signature certificate and Director Identification Number (DIN). For acquiring DIN the individual must be above 18 years of age. In this case citizenship or residency of the applicant will not matter.

Sense of directors in private limited company.

According to the Companies Act,2013 the term Director defines as an individual appointment to the board of a company the board of directors signify a group of those individuals selected by the shareholders of a company. They direct the dealings of the company. As a company is an artificial legal entity generated by law, it is required to act only by the agency of natural individuals. That means it can only happen through human beings. Thus the administration of the company is charged to a body of beings known as 'Board of Directors'.

DIN number registration.

In India DIN number is obligatory for an individual for registering a private limited company or one person company. DIN number is not necessary for shareholders of a company. It is usually used for registering a LLP or an active DPIN can be applied for registering a company.

A digital signature certificate in the name of the DIN individual should be acquired while applying for a DIN number. Once after DSC is acquired, DIN application can be filled in with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The DIN application should also append with a photo of the applicant including the documents of address proof and identity proof.

When the DIN application is accepted, the DIN number will be issued. The DIN number does not have any expiry date. More consent rules are necessary for maintaining the validity of a DIN number. The DIN number is issued only through the DIN allotment letter. The information regarding the allotted DIN number can be acquired Through The Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India's online page.

Documents necessary for becoming director in a Private Limited Company.

  1. DIN number Registration.
  2. Digital signature (DSC) of the elected director.
  3. Passport and driving license.
  4. Aadhaar card and voter ID
  5. PAN card self attested.
  6. Electricity bill, rental agreement.
  7. A passport sized photograph.

What is the Price I Need to Pay for Add Director?



all inclusive fees

Add a Director having DSC to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DIN application.



all inclusive fees

Add a Director to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DSC and one DIN.

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