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PF Return Filing

PF Return Filing To encourage the savings among employees, which will reflect during their retirement time PF was introduced. Both the employee and employer will have a monthly contribution. This can only be withdrawn at the time of retirement or when resigned. On every month, employees paying PF should file a return. This should be completed by the 25th of each month.

Form 2

This is to file for the purpose of nomination and declaration of EPF and Employees Family Pension under the flagship scheme. This must be filed when the employee joins the institution. Along with Form 5 this should be submitted.

Form 2 have two distinctive part:

A Part

In the event of the employee’s death, the EPF balance should have a nominee. For this purpose, Form 2 – A Part deals with the nomination of recipient. It should carry the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Relationship with the subscriber
  4. Age
  5. Sum of money to be paid to the nominee
  6. Guardian details (if the nominee is a minor)

Followed by a thumb impression in the end session.

B Part

All the details mentioned in the A Part along with the details of family members eligible for the receiving the children/widow pension. Followed by the thumb impression at the end session.

Form 5

Monthly report describing the details of employee’s who registered recently for the PF Scheme. Must include the following details:


  1. Name of Organization
  2. Address of organization
  3. Code number of the organization
  4. Account number of the employee
  5. Name of the employee
  6. Name of the husband/father
  7. Date of Birth of the employee
  8. Date of joining
  9. Track record of work

Along with the date of filing, it should be stamped and filed by the employer.

Form 10

Monthly report about the employees who expired the scheme in the given month. Must include the following details:

  1. Account number.
  2. Name of employee.
  3. Name of the father or husband.
  4. Date of leaving service.
  5. Reason for leaving service.

Along with the date of filing, it should be stamped and filed by the employer.

Form 12A

The report showing the payment details made to the account by the employees on a particular month

Annual PF Return

April 30th of every year, annual returns must be filed. Form 3A and Form 6A are the forms for filing Annual PF return.

Form 3A

The annual report card shows the details of contribution towards the EPF and Pension Fund by the employee and employer in a particular year. Every member of the scheme will have this assessment along with the following details:

  1. Account number
  2. Name of the subscriber
  3. Name of the father or husband
  4. Name and address of the factory/establishment
  5. Statutory rate of contribution
  6. Rate of voluntarily contribution, if any

This will be followed by the employer’s seal and signature.

Form 6A

This will be the annual statement containing the details of contribution made by each member of the institution. This will include the following details:

  1. Account Number
  2. Name of the member/subscriber
  3. Wages, retaining allowance (if any) and D.A.
  4. Worker’s contribution amount deducted from the wages
  5. Employers contribution (EPF and Pension)
  6. Refund of advances
  7. Rate of higher voluntary contribution (if any)
  8. Remarks

Followed by the details in ‘Amount Remitted’ column:

  1. Month of contribution
  2. Remitted contribution including refund of advances
  3. Pension fund contribution
  4. EDLI Contribution
  5. Administration charges
  6. Aggregate contributions

Annual Account Statement

The annual account statement includes the annual statement of each employee, which should be send to the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This will include the following details:

  1. Opening balance of contribution, which includes interest of both employer and employee.
  2. Annual contribution of both the employer and employee.
  3. Interest earned on contributions.
  4. Total number of contributions made by the employer and employee.

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all inclusive fees

PF return filing for upto 20 employees.



all inclusive fees

PF return filing for upto 30 employees.

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