Resignation Letter Format

Resignation Letter

The formal letter sends by an employee to an employer declaring/accepting the resignation. Here the employee describes the reason for his/her resignation, date of designation, and also a formal thanks to the entire group for having him this long. Only after the employer accepts the resignation letter the employee can step out. Once he accepts the letter, there provides a final date for the job. It is advisable to practice requesting a resignation from the organization by a resignation letter.


After generating or preparing a resignation letter, print it on paper followed by the signature to present it before the employer. One can also submit the same via mail to the HR Manager or Supervisor in charge. It is good to provide a sufficient gap in the notice period.


The printed resignation letter with the employee's signature can be handed to the HR Manager or the Supervisor in charge of his field. The employee should keep a copy of the resignation letter submitted.

If the resignation letter is submitted through email, kindly attach a note requesting the acceptance mail.

To Remember

A resignation letter is just an application. This can/cannot be accepted by the employer depending on the reasons mentioned. Thus, it should be pleasing and requesting one. Once accepted, the last date of employment will be indicated by the employer.

Download Resignation Letter Format Format

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