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A memorandum of understanding(MOU) is a formal agreement between two or more parties. It is used to establish official partnership among the companies and organization. MOU is the basic procedure towards legal contract.

When is MOU used.

In case if two parties want to put paper on their purpose related to a particular transaction or a set of transaction until they can formally agree on a definitive set of conditions, an MOU helps to provide you that both parties will carry a degree of seriousness.

Condition in which MOU is used.

  1. Conditions for purchase/sale.
  2. To chart transactions.
  3. To document components of a business relationship before a definitive agreement can be gained.

MOU is not legally binding but it is necessary and are considered as a serious essential document by the law.

Recent Updates

Shri Vishwakarma Skill University Signs MOU With The Sattvik Council of India

28 Dec 2020

In order to promote food safety management and quality management awareness among the younger generation of India, the Shri Vishwakarma Skill University recently signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Sattvik Council of India. The goal is to help the youth of Indian adopt healthier lifestyles by consuming more nutritious & vegetarian food as part of their daily diet.

Andhra Pradesh Government Signs MoU with Amul


In an attempt to boost the cooperative dairy sector in the State, the Andhra Pradesh Government has signed an MoU with Amul. This is expected to change the fate of lakhs of women and dairy farmers, who depend on the cooperative dairy sector. This is an important step to make Andhra Pradesh a marketing hub for the Southern states.

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