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Partnership deed drafting along with GST registration, Inclusive of all government fees(stamp papers etc)

All inclusive price

Partnership deed drafting along with GST registration, Inclusive of all government fees(stamp papers etc)

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Registration method for Partnership Firm in India

To operate and manage a common business, for sharing its profits and losses among two or more parties requires stamping a formal agreement called Partnership Firm Registration. The good thing about registering a partnership for a small-scale venture is its easy formation and minimal regulatory compliances.

Since 1932 India see through the Partnership Act, this makes Partnership be a member of the oldest types of business institution. The registration can also be done after its formation. No penalties are charges for unregistered Partnership firms. Certain rights are forbidden for the unregistered under section 69.

Partnership firm and its Branch

When two or more individuals start to contribute their part in form of investment on starting a business or venture is when a partnership is created. Depending upon their distinctive feature it can be classified.

A partnership firm doesn’t ask you for a registration process, all you have to do is execution and finalization of partnership deed between the partners: under the Indian Partnership Act. Most of the partnership firms in India are running unregistered.

There is no offense in the running of Partnership firms as unregistered but under Section 69 of the Partnership Act, certain rights are denied for the partnership firms that are running unregistered

Why should you Register?

An unregistered firm cannot file a case against 3rd party, the 3rd party always has the power to file a case against both registered as well as unregistered firm.

It grants the power to claim set-off against any third-party claim.

Registration of the firm makes it easier and faster to convert into any other business structure if the partnership firm is registered.

Why License Centre?

We cost registering the Partnership Firm starting at standard Rs.12,999.00, and premium at Rs.17,999.00

Under section 58 of the Partnership Act, we work with you and assist in the registration process of the Partnership Act.

Within 15 days, we assure you of the best service and result.

Documents required for Partnership registration in India

Identity proof, Address proof, Original copy of the Partnership deed entered into are among the prescribed documents.

Identity proof and address proofs can include:

  1. Card
  2. Voters IPAN card
  3. Passport
  4. Driver License
  5. Aadhar
  6. Voters ID

Proof of Business premise can include:

  1. Sale Deed in case if the Partner owns the place
  2. Copies of the rental agreement, if the office is on the rental basis
  3. Latest paid bill copies of electricity or tax.

To transfer a Partnership Firm into an LLP

According to the latest report, most of the small and medium scale industries nowadays prefer a Limited Liability Partnership. On converting a Partnership firm into an LLP, the must obtained factors are Digital Signature Certificate and DPIN OR Director Identification Number (DIN) for all the Partners.

Documents required:

  1. Form 17
  2. Financial Statements of the Partnership firm
  3. List of all creditors along with their Consent of Partners for conversion into an LLP
  4. Incorporation Documents for LLP
  5. NOC from Tax Authorities
  6. consent
  7. Any other document or information as requested by the authorities.

After completing the submission of all the documents, the registration certificate of LLP will be provided. The very next procedure is to inform the concerned registrar about the conversion of Partnership into LLP within 15 days from the date of conversion following the terms and conditions.

To sign-up Partnership firm in India

In the space of a week, License Centre helps you in the complete registration process along with the opening of a current bank account in association with the Partnership Firm.

  1. The very first step from License Centre is contacting their client and describing the whole process and let you sort all the inevitable documents and files needed for the registration.
  2. Presenting the documents can be done with the help of our website or using the mobile application.
  3. The next step is to obtain the document verification, which then is drafted and shared in the form of a partnership deed to the partners to have their signature.
  4. Individual partners must sign the stamp paper and it must be scanned and uploaded to the website.
  5. After completing the partnership deed with the assistance of a registrar in the firm, the certificate of registration will be dispatched to the partner.
  6. After having the certification our firm will guide you in opening a bank account in connection with your partnership firm.

What is the Price I Need to Pay for Partnership?



all inclusive fees

Partnership deed drafting along with GST registration, Inclusive of all government fees(stamp papers etc)



all inclusive fees

Partnership deed drafting along with GST registration, Inclusive of all government fees(stamp papers etc)

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