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The MCA has established a new plan titled the 'Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020,' which agrees to pay all MCA-related liabilities and grants Directors with criminal protection. This plan is comparable to the LLP Settlement Scheme, 2020, that mostly gave a one-time chance for all LLPs to organise past-due agreements without fines.

How this work?

Every year, all businesses incorporated in India are obliged to file an MCA annual return along with their financial accounts. Organizations that fail this would face a Rs.200 per day penalty, as well as the company being repealed and the directors getting blacklisted. This scheme is open to all major corporations that have fallen behind on submitting compliance with laws and regulations under MCA laws and regulations. The scheme will be in effect from April 1st, 2020 to September 30th, 2020. During that same time, a firm can file all pending comply without penalty, receive legal immunity, and seek for silent status or target. Every delinquent firm that has never really submitted its expected turnover or any other MCA form may use this plan to file late papers without fines. This scheme isn’t applicable for the below mentioned:

  1. Organizations from whom the MCA already has issued a final notice for the removal of the name. Users can use the Master Data check on the MCA site to see if a firm is under knock off.
  2. The firm has filed a strike-off request with MCA, which is now pending.
  3. Organizations that have merged as part of a scheme of solution or compromise.
  4. Organizations that already have applied for Inactive designation.
  5. Businesses that have vanished.
  6. Organizations that require an approved credit line or charge paperwork must file them.

Pursuit protection

Most significant benefit of applying for the Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020 is protection from prosecution. Whenever a delaying firm issues the required amount and submits the late returns, it will be exempt from prosecution or procedures.

Form CFSS-2020

When request exemption for late papers filed under the programme, Form CFSS-2020 must be filed within 6 months following the scheme's closure and the submission of any overdue returns. There's also no official charge for submitting the CFSS-2020 application. The MCA will provide an immunity certificate under the Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020 relying on the CFSS-2020 submission. Following the provision of immunity, the Designated Authority will drop all outstanding prosecutions and penalty adjudication procedures before the relevant Courts, with no more involvement by MCA. The scheme doesn’t cover;

  1. Such actions regarding the objectives of any shareholder or any other individual in relation to the firm, its director, or members of management.
  2. Each and every appeal pending before a court of law, as well as any management conflicts pending in front of a court of law or a committee.
  3. Organization when a court has imposed a conviction or an order inflicting a penalty has been issued by an enforcing body and no appeal has also been filed against the orders prior to the implementation of this plan.


When a delinquent firm files an appealing against a certain notice, lawsuit, or order issued by a court or judicial authority. The firm must then remove the appeal and provide documentation of withdrawal in the CFSS-2020 form before submission of application for immunity certificate. Unless an officer issues a penalty order and the deadline for submitting an appeal occurs between March 1st and May 31st, 2020, a time of 120 days is given for filing an appeal. The MCA would not start prosecution for violation during the extension period. Following compliance regularisation under this plan, the firm would be expected to maintain compliance on a regular basis

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