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Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement is a contract between a service provider and a client. This agreement generates a clear understanding between the two parties in which what they should expect from each other. It includes expectation relevant to priorities, services and duties. SLA services are effective communication tool and conflict prevention.

Essential elements of a Service Level Agreement.

For the constructive business tool of SLA, it should include both the service elements and management elements.

Service Elements.

These are the provided services, service standards like the service cost and time offered, the duties of both parties, and conditions for the availability of services.

Management elements.

Management elements focus on the following things like how the information and details about the efficiency of service will be provided, how service efficiency will keep in track, how the disagreements regarding services to be sold and how both the parties will view and cross check of the agreement.

Both elements are required for an SLA to be efficient but many of the SLA's does not have management elements, this may lead to foul-up of SLA.

Recent Updates

22-APR-2020: Citizens’ Privacy Top Priority: Kerala Govt. to High Court

The Kerala Govt. has intimated the Kerala High Court about steps taken by them to ensure the privacy of citizen data during the COVID-19 epidemic. The Govt said that enough provisions have been incorporated in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Sprinkler, the US-based tech giant, to ensure the same.

15-Apr-2020: IT suppliers Asked Clients to relax Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

A recent report in Computer Weekly has mentioned that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected many new deals and contract renewals across the Indian IT industry. Hence, IT suppliers have asked their clients to relax SLAs to enable remote service delivery in an extended manner.

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