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Legal Notice in India

Legal notice is a formal letter to a person or an establishment notifying the other party about your objective to undertake legal proceedings. The notice provides the objective of the legal proceedings. Thus the party get Awareness about your grievance.

A legal notice is filed according to the section 80 of civil procedure code of 1908. It is filed only in civil cases and is a intimation. Therefore, it must include the listed below information's;

  1. Short statement and facts regarding to the grievance for which the action has to be taken.
  2. Options released by the grievance party.
  3. How are the problems or relief in hand be solved, and the abstract of the facts and the method which it can be solved.

A detailed issue that the aggrieved party is facing with what can be done to resolves should be clearly lamented. And the last page of legal notice should contain a brief account on how release can be acquired or solved by mutual agreement. A legal notice can be a mediator between two parties which help us to solve the problems out of the court.

Listed below format should be included in a legal notice;

  1. Name and necessary information.
  2. Detailed description.
  3. Sender's residence place.
  4. Various aspects of the effect.
  5. The economic relief declared by the sender.
  6. The core of the legal basis for the relief declared.

Procedures for filing a legal notice in India

  1. The first procedure is to draft a legal notice lamenting the issue, the relief looking for and a time duration to solve the issue. It should be addressed to the other party through a registered AD post.
  2. Always save a copy of the receipt send. Because, it may come in handy in case of filing of the court case.
  3. Wait for the time duration before the filing of the court.

It is necessary for a person on whom the legal notice is address to reply within the duration. If not then for not, they may be affected for not following the law. The other party can file in the court.

Recent Updates

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Gets Served With Legal Notice!

November 22, 2020

The Health Ministry has issued notification in October, regarding the use of Ayurveda and Yoga for the treatment of COVID-19. In response to this, The IMA in turn sent a strongly worded letter questioning the scientific basis of the protocol, calling Ayurveda medicines as ‘placebos’.

An Ayurveda practitioner, Vaidya Prashant Tiwari, has objected to IMA’s response and has issued a legal notice demanding a public apology from them.

Legal Notice Issued to Tata Sons by the Shapoorji Pallonji Group!

18 September 2020

The Mistry family’s Shapoorji Pallonji Group has issued a legal notice to Tata Sons, seeking compensation for allegedly ‘blocking’ them from using their Tata Group shares as collateral in raising funds.

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