Offer Letter Format

Offer Letter

The Offer letter or the Employment Job Offer Letter is the formal letter containing the terms and conditions related to a job, which is sent to the candidates after they are recruited by a business group. All the sufficient details are mentioned in the letter, stating the position offered, starting date, job location and about the salary details. It is usual to sign a copy of the offer letter to the employer within the time mentioned in the offer letter.

Used For

Usually, the recruited candidate receives the offer letter from the HR Manager or the Manager of the firm/business entity. The candidate will thereby understand the terms and position he should take per the company strategies.

Created By

The HR Manager or the Manager signs the Offer letter printed from the employer’s letterhead. A company seal or trademark will make its place to make this more formal and important. It is mandatory to sign a copy of the offer letter and return the same to the employer in a prescribed time, by a candidate who accepts the letter/position offered.

Sample Offer Letter

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