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LLP had made its position by offering a good term with the firms. As it can incorporate the Partnership Firm and company into a single form of organization, this is the most prescribed and widely chosen business form nowadays. LLP had the advantage of Limited Liability Company and also its so convincing and easy of that of Partnership Firm.

By 2009, LLP came into existence in India. For the small and medium scale industries this was the most expected form to come into action. LLP made its way through the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008.

Because of its wide popularity and reach, LLP has crossed 1 lakh of registrations in India since its founding.

While registering in an LLP, an agreement is signed where the individual responsibilities are divided and no one can blame on other for the wrongdoing and misfortune. At the time of registration, certain rights and duties are been shared and signed, this helps when something happens with another partner’s cause.

Can your firm apply for LLP registration?

Any Firm with:

  • A minimum of 2 partners and with no limit to a maximum number.
  • Among the partners at least one should be a resident of India.
  • All the rights and duties of the partners should be under the LLP Agreement.
  • DPIN for all Partners.
  • DSC for all the Designated Partners.
  • Address proof of the office land/ if on lease-Rental Agreement.

Why LLP Registration?

  1. LLP is registered under the Ministry of Corporate affairs under Central Government.
  2. Since LLP registration is common among the small and medium scale industries, it has been hatched under a reasonable incorporation fee as compared to the Private Limited Company.
  3. LLP requires a lesser number of documents for the registration process.
  4. LLP has the perpetual life existence if not closed by the promoters or competent authority.
  5. In LLP, each partner holds the right to supervise and regulate the LLP.
  6. LLP registered firms aren’t asked to submit the annual audit report when the turnover is than Rs. 40 lakh and the investment in the firm is less than or equal to Rs. 25 lakhs.

Documents required

By Partners:

  1. Copies of PAN card or Passport (if the applicant is an NRI or Foreigner)
  2. Identity proof- Aadhar card/Driving license/Voters ID/
  3. Resident Card
  4. Latest Bank Statement/Mobile Bill/Telephone Bill
  5. Passport Size Photo

For Registered Office:

  1. Latest Bank Statement/Mobile Bill/Telephone Bill
  2. Scanned copy of Rental Agreement/Sales Deed/Property Deed

To Register LLP

  1. Check and sort the basic documents in need
  2. Complete the registration through the website or application
  3. After verifying, apply for a digital signature
  4. Prepare all legal documents
  5. Quest for the name availability of the proposed LLP, registrar only approves the names that are not taken.
  6. All the documents will be verified by the government officials
  7. File Incorporation Docs with ROC
  8. Get LLP Incorporation Certificate
  9. Drafting of LLP Agreement
  10. Filing of LLP Agreement

What is the Price I Need to Pay for Limited Liability Partnership?



all inclusive fees



all inclusive fees

Recent Updates

30th March: Relief measures announced by Government to incentivize compliance

MCA has launched 2 schemes- Companies Fresh Start Scheme and Revised LLP settlement scheme. There is a waiver of the penalty of up to Rs 107800 for 1 year and Rs 136900 for 2 years till 30th September.

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